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Chapter 7 Residency Requirements and The 730-Day Rule

By Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney on June 20, 2022

So, you’ve moved to Arizona recently, but you want to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Can you? As with every legal question, the answer is: “It depends.”

To file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona, you just need to have resided here for the majority of the past 180 days (91 days) before the filing date. Even though you can file your bankruptcy here in Arizona doesn’t always mean you can use Arizona exemptions.

To claim Arizona exemptions, you must have lived here for the last 730 days, or two years. This is sometimes called the 730-day Rule. If you’ve lived in Arizona less than two years, you will have to use exemptions from the state you came from. If you lived there for less than two years, you may have to use federal exemptions.

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