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Some law firms in the Phoenix, AZ area are infamous for being settlement mills. Attorneys at these kinds of practices put profit over people by settling cases quickly. You deserve better from your bankruptcy attorney.

At Hilltop Law Firm, you'll find a compassionate attorney who will...

  • Take the time to listen as you describe your financial situation.
  • Explain how filing for bankruptcy could be the solution you need.
  • Never pressure you to settle or take legal action if you're not comfortable.
Our attorney will handle your case personally. Contact our law firm today to talk about the details.

Estate planning doesn't have to be daunting

Get personalized legal guidance from a local estate planning attorney so you can make informed decisions about your future. Hilltop Law Firm is a top estate planning law firm based in Phoenix, AZ because...

We're locally owned and operated.
We offer free in-person or phone consultations.
We'll treat you like you're our most important client.

Cy Hainey has been practicing estate planning law for over five years. As your estate planning attorney, he'll provide the guidance you need. Get in touch with him as soon as you're ready.

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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or negotiating a payment plan can help you get out from underneath your mountain of debt. Our bankruptcy attorney can help you determine the best option based on your situation.

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