He was angrier than I was

I appreciate the help that Mr. Hainey and Ms. Megan extended me. I loved the fact that he was angrier than I was with my former employer. Where I lessened what happened at work- Mr. Hainey and his firm made me aware that I did what I was supposed to do and since the company failed to do their part, I shouldn't feel bad about hiring him. "I really feel bad about this, sir, but I don't have another option. I've spent what little I've had saved before the incident and now they've fired me." I felt bad about this whole ordeal, and was powerless to do anything. I literally had two multi-million companies bullying me.

By the time I was dismissed from my employer, I had already hired and fired another attorney, lol. One from a great big prestigious firm. That attorney didn't have much fight in him. He wanted to just settle which is what I wanted; he just wasn't prepared to go further. Mr. Hainey was prepared to do so.

In accepting my case, Mr. Hainey had to work alongside of another [Workers Comp] attorney. Together, they obtained a reasonable out of court settlement and helped me to put this all behind me.