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Don’t Let Debt Drag You Down

Debt can make you feel like you’re on a never-ending treadmill.
Perhaps you thought about getting help, but you don’t think bankruptcy is the right solution.

Fortunately, there are other ways to negotiate a debt settlement.

Hilltop Law Firm offers debt settlement services in Phoenix, AZ, and all surrounding areas. We’ll work with creditors to achieve a reduced payment for your debt, either in a lump sum or through a payment plan.

Debt settlement is most successful with unsecured debts, like personal loans and credit card debt. There’s no guarantee, but our team has had great success assisting people like you with our loan negotiation services. Call (602) 466-9631 today to speak with a Phoenix debt settlement attorney.

Cy is an excellent attorney and I refer all my clients who need assistance with Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement matters to him. Cy is extremely knowledgeable and my clients continue to tell me he provides great service. I highly recommend Cy Hainey and his firm.”
- Tyler A.

Signs You Could Benefit from Debt Settlement

Your debt may feel like a trap where you’ll never escape. You’re just making payments without ever reducing the amount you actually owe.

Aggressive banks and other creditors have a lot of tactics they can use to make your life miserable. They may file a lawsuit, and if you don’t respond they can even get a judgment to garnish your wages. But our Phoenix debt settlement lawyers know how to help.

Signs that debt settlement may be your best option best include:

  • Being denied loans and credit card
  • Struggling to make your monthly payments
  • Feeling like you’ll never pay off your debt
  • Receiving annoying calls from debt collectors
  • Missing several payments

Why Creditors Agree to Debt Negotiation

Creditors can certainly be ruthless when they’re trying to collect payments. But at a certain point they often come to realize that a negotiated settlement is the best solution for both sides. They can secure part of the money they’re after and you can take care of your debt.

It doesn’t look good for banks and credit agencies to have a lot of unpaid debt on their books. In fact, uncollected debt limits the amount of money they’re allowed to loan out to new customers, so writing off old debts can actually be profitable for creditors in the long run.

It’s a lot easier to convince creditors to agree to a negotiated settlement when you’ve done it before, and we do it every day. Our attorneys will sit down with the other side and work out a win-win solution that enables you to put the problem behind you and get on with your life.

How a Phoenix Debt Settlement Lawyer Can Help

Unanticipated events such as job loss or a medical emergency can turn your world upside down. And before you know it, what was once manageable is now overwhelming.

Debt negotiation can be the ideal way to get back on top of your finances without declaring bankruptcy. Our team knows how to help you get better terms with various types of debt, including:

Getting You the Best Deal

Negotiating with creditors isn’t easy, but you’re a lot more likely to get positive results when you have experienced Arizona debt settlement attorneys on your side. At Hilltop Law Firm, we’re familiar with the firms that handle these cases. We know how they operate, and we know how to effectively make your case.

We’ve used our position to negotiate the following gains for our clients:

  • Significant reductions in principal
  • Partial payment recorded as fully satisfying the debt
  • Reorganizing unsecured debts
  • Reduced interest payments
  • Eliminating penalties

Has Your Debt Gotten Out of Hand? Speak to a Phoenix Debt Settlement Attorney

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