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77% of American households have debt. So, if you're struggling with your finances, you're not alone. Hilltop Law Firm has been helping residents of Phoenix, AZ get out of debt for over eight years. Whether you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy or going through the debt settlement process, our legal services can help.

What sets Hilltop Law Firm apart?

At Hilltop Law Firm, we're dedicated to helping people with integrity. You can feel confident when you work with our estate planning and bankruptcy lawyer because we:

  • Are licensed
  • Take a customer-focused approach
  • Prioritize our customers' best interests
  • Rely on over eight years of experience
  • Communicate honestly throughout the process
  • Give each case the personal attention it deserves

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Don't break the bank on legal services

We take pride in offering top-of-the-line legal services at affordable rates. When you choose us, you:

  • Will have easy payment plan options with Fresh Start Funding
  • Can get Chapter 7 bankruptcy services with 0% down
  • Will get access to a secure online system for safe payments
  • Won't have to worry about hourly billing or unexpected fees

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